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CMOS Camera Technolo​gy

CMOS Camera Technology

High-Quality & High-Performance!

  • 71 MP. Micro-lens System
  • Temperature regulation, - control and -stabilization
  • Precision optics from selected manufacturers
  • Mounting adapters and high-speed adjustment for flexible, changing installation
  • Suitable for mobile and stationary use
  • Digital focus adjustment for varying distances
  • Adjustable exposure time 0.0001-2.0 sec.
  • Up to 8200 dpi resolution
  • Scanning speed 0.2 sec. at 71 MP
  • Image transmission 0.4 sec. at 71MP
  • Image transmission rate 350 MByte/sec. via USB 3.0 Interface
  • Full-frame-, windowed- and video-mode
  • TWAIN-, WIA - workflow integration
  • Full programmable C++ interface (SDK)
  • Electronic shutter for an extended lifespan
  • Multi-shot functionality for highest quality
  • Cascading of 2- / 3- / 4 camera systems
  • Particularly accurate analysis of black-, white- and color for each pixel
  • Colour reproduction, resolution, noise, linearity according to Metamorfoze, DFG, FADGI standard
  • Internal 16 bit optimized colour analysis (no downstream colour-correction profile) for: sRGB, Adobe RGB 1998, eciRGB v1/v2, Wide Gamut, RAW, Native
Cutting-edge CMOS Technology for Repro-photography & Digitization

This represents world-leading technology in modern digital cameras. Our CMOS sensor technology is considered as the key technology of the future, allowing high-resolution images with superior image quality, ease of use and incredible speed. The modular concept in combination with original tables, repro stands, columns and lighting units provides you with the opportunity to create a customized solution according to the individual requirements of the application. This way, a universal high-performance scanning system is created which is especially suitable for mobile use and flexible adaptation on miscellaneous requirements. The imaging sensor is the most important part.