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Booksterilizer Pro

Book Sterilizer Pro

Disinfect books in just 30 seconds!

The effects of Covid-19 can be felt in all areas of our daily life. New, innovative concepts are being developed around the world to make it easier for us to​ deal with the necessary hygiene regulations in everyday life.

Safe Books, Safe Readers
Our method of disinfection is particularly gentle and safe, as the objects do not come into contact with liquid and no heat is generated.In compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations, libraries and archives are required to quarantine or disinfect returned books.book2net Booksterilizer Pro is simple, fast, and safe to use. Our key references include European Parliament among other institutions.

Safety first – in less than 30 seconds!

The Sterilizer Pro is the latest addition to our product line. Thanks to its high quality and attractive design, it is already enjoying great popularity worldwide. The Sterilizer Pro is a self-service device and disinfects by using ultraviolet radiation.Various pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, fungi and bacteria accumulate on books, documents, magazines, files and objects of utility (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, purses or writing devices). The Sterilizer Pro eliminates pathogenic germs gently and thoroughly, creating a clean and safe reading and working environment – in less than 30 seconds.The service life of the UV-C lamps used has been extended to at least 15,000 times for on/off switching compared to conventional systems. The UV-C lamps in the sterilization compartment are designed in such a way that the objects are fully sterilized at 360 °. Air that is not supplied from outside circulates in the interior. A gentle fan opens the books so that the UV light reaches each individual page and the dust is carefully removed. Users can observe and control the entire sterilization process through the viewing window.